Isn't it crazy how somebody walks into your life and then you can't remember how you could ever have lived without them?

I have had the BEST week ever! It has been amazing having Janina and Laryssa here. To spend time together and show them Umeå, to talk, laugh and hang like our time in america. it was like being back in the states again, and it was awesome!!

this is what we did

wednesday: dinner at my moms then an early night

Thursday: we had lunch in the city then did some shopping

friday: we went to the river and played in the water and layed in the sun. At night we hit the town in heels and dresses, and had a great time, hahahahaha!!!

Saturday: we slept in for a while, the took a trip to my summer house, went to the beach and swam a little in the lake. At night we went out again, and OMG-best night!! had so much fun with a pre-party at Ajjes, "never have I ever" and dancing all night long!!

Sunday: we drove Laryssa to the airport, super sad to say goodbye =( Later that evening we had a dinner at my aunts with the family and we teamed up for some games!

Monday: It was time for the Hospital and my CAT-scan. Janina went with me and later that night it was my brother Felix B'day party, he turned 11!

Tuesday: We went to "Klabböle" and hung out, went "mountain hiking", and running in a big half-pipe thing, haha! oh, and had a picnic with meatballs!! For dinner we went out for chinese with Jessica, Anna, Carl and Therese.

Wednesday: Janina went home in the morning =(

But still, I have the pictures, the movies, and the memories and I'm so glad they came ♥

Postat av: Jessica

Haha, jag älskar bilden när du står bredvid skylten med vågen!! :D

2010-08-19 @ 15:11:05

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