my hair

I thought I would deal with the whole hairpart really well.
But I realized today when I washed my hair that it really freaks me out seeing all the hair falling off. I also thought that I would be able to keep my hair for at least another month, but now I'm not so sure anymore.
When I wake up my pillow is full of hair, when I brush my hair it's flying all over and when I touch it some of it always gets stuck on my hand.
I've said that when I get to the point where u can see my scalp, it's time for the hair to go.
I just don't want that to be quite yet...

Postat av: Denise Neal

oj redan :s läskigt blir liksom mer verkligt nuu:s finns här på andra sida för dig!!

2010-04-30 @ 05:44:31

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